Collection of useful resources to help Gaza.

  • Targetted Boycott

    Targetted Boycott

    iOS App with Barcode scanning abilities: Download Boycott For Peace Do boycotts work? Listen to what this former Starbucks barista has to say + check the comments on her video: “We’re doing this!”

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    Iliana Montauk, CEO of @teammanara: Engineers who have evacuated Gaza need jobs. Please reach out to Iliana via LinkedIn if you can help

  • Events around the world

    Events around the world

    Here’s a constantly-updating list of events that are happening around the world.

  • If you’re in Canada

    If you’re in Canada

    @nonsenuser has shared a few links that helps you find your local MP and even a helpful template (which you should change a bit to personalize so it doesn’t look like a bot response)

  • If you’re in the US

    If you’re in the US

    Vote for Peace is a project that designed to help the U.S. voters in our community determine our #ceasefirecandidates and no preference campaigns. Just enter your address to find the dates of your state primary and the candidates who are calling for a ceasefire. “CONTINUE to write for your elected representatives, signing petitions, and supporting political…

  • Provide eSIMs to Gaza

    Provide eSIMs to Gaza

    Initiative to keep the people of Gaza connected to the internet because of the unstable Internet. @Mirna_elhelbawi is distributing eSIMs for free to keep them connected. UPDATE: eSIM installation guide:

  • Intro


    Ever wondered how you could possibly help the people of Gaza and Palestine in general? First and foremost we should continue keeping them in our prayers and supplications, then we can do everything else in our power to help them as much as possible. I started seeing some tips around the internet about how to…